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Details Atmospheric-Circulation-Dynamics-and-General-Circulation-Models-Springer-Praxis-Books

General circulation models (GCMs), which define the fundamental dynamics of atmospheric circulation, are nowadays used in various fields of atmospheric science such as weather forecasting, climate predictions and environmental estimations. The Second ...

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Details Beyond-Archigram-The-Structure-of-Circulation-The-Technology-of-Circulation

Beyond Archigram Presents the study of the prehistory of digital representation to focus on the magazine "Archigram", which featured wired environments and formulated an architectural vocabulary of metamorphosis and obsolescence that cross-pollinated ...

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Details Qigong-Meditation-Small-Circulation

Chinese Qigong has a theoretical foundation for meditation training known as Small Circulation where the body's energy is consciously circulated on energetic pathways. This book describes the theory and presents a practice routine for Small ...

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Details Circulations-Vinyl-LP

,Zustand Vinyl:NM,Cover:EX (Goldmine Standards) - .Label: Idle Hands.Published: 2016